Afrodescendientes en el Istmo de Panamá 1501-2012

El libro comienza con la crónica de la llegada de africanos esclavizados a Panamá a principios del siglo XVI y sus experiencias durante las eras precoloniales y coloniales de la historia del país.

De gran interés son los capítulos dedicados a las experiencias de los trabajadores antillanos que emigraron a Panamá para la construcción del Ferrocarril Transístmico y el Canal de Panamá, que constituye una parte importante del libro.


With the advent of the Republican era in 1903, much attention is given to the construction of the Panama Canal and the relations between the Republic of Panama and the United States of America. The development, implications, and impact of the “Gold and Silver Roll” systems by the Americans are also analyzed.


Contributions of political leaders

The book also deals with the lives and contributions of political leaders of African descent during the different historical periods, such as General José Domingo Espinar (1791-1865), Pedro Prestán (1852-1855), Carlos A. Mendoza (1856-1916), Gumersinda Páez (1904-1991) and Thelma King (1921-1993)..

West Indian laborers

Of great interest are the chapters dedicated to the experiences of the West Indian laborers who immigrated to Panama for the construction of the Transisthmian Railroad and the Panama Canal, which constitutes an important part of the book. The discriminatory laws and actions that generated negative attitudes towards the West Indian immigrants are referenced in particular with a special article by Dr. Arnulfo Arias in the Appendix.

Achievements and challenges

The last chapter focuses on the achievements and challenges of the contemporary era from 1968 to the present and concludes with recommendations for future action by individuals and organizations that promote greater visibility, respect, and opportunities for people of African ancestry in the Republic of Panama.

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Segunda Edición Español


Editora Sibauste, S.A. (January 1, 2012)


133 pages



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Professor Goodin has done an invaluable service for her country and for the African diaspora globally.

M. Maye

Congratulations, both to the author, as well as to the Afro Panamanian activists who have fought to make visible what has been kept hidden from Panamanians of all backgrounds.

Panama CyberspaceNews